These notes were originally written and maintained by Petteri Kaski and Tommi Junttila until the 2018 edition of the course.

The notes were maintained by Mikko Kivelä for the 2019 and 2020 editions, and by Shaofeng Jiang and Lukas Ahrenberg for the 2021 edition. The 2022 notes were edited and updated by Lukas Ahenberg.

The following people have contributed with helpful comments, ideas, corrections, clarifications, feedback, and/or bug reports as regards the course material, and we would like to acknowledge their contributions here. Any errors, typos, and/or alleged bugs that remain in the material are, of course, the responsibility and due to the responsible teachers.

  • Alena Shchevyeva

  • Timo Haario

  • Risto Hakala

  • Matti Karppa

  • Kimmo Kenttälä

  • Atte Keinänen

  • Teemu Leivo

  • Oskari Nousiainen

  • Markus Ojanen

  • Jussi Pirilä

  • Olli Rauramo

  • Markku Riekkinen

  • Olli Saarikivi

  • Mats Sjöberg

  • Juho Toivonen

  • Ossi Tupala

  • … plus undoubtedly many to follow (or who we in our absent-mindedness forgot to mention – our apologies).

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