Round 4: Sequential logic, state and feedback


(A periodic sequence of three states in Conway’s Game of Life, implemented in sequential logic.)

Learning objectives

In this round you will learn …

  • … that sequential logic is combinational logic extended with feedback

  • … that feedback is triggered by a clock signal

  • … that sequential logic enables computing devices that have an internal state

  • … the principle of designing with patterns in programming (*)

    • … to identify and use common patterns that help one to structure a program (*)

    • … to use memoization to obtain increased efficiency (*)

  • … to use sequential logic to build simple computing devices with evolving state

  • … the basic structure of a processor data path

  • … to single-step the data path with individual instructions

(Material that is marked with one or more asterisks (*) is good-to-know, but not critical to solving the exercises or passing the course.)