Accessing the Aalto VDI remote desktop

(This step is only for accessing an Aalto Workstation Virtual Desktop; if you have physical access to a workstation, you can just log in.)

Note that running Code on VDI can be a bit slower than on a lab station or on your own computer, so we recommend using this method only if you neither can access the labs (due to e.g. pandemic restrictions) nor are able to work on your own computer.

To use Aalto VDI, do the following:

  1. Read the Aalto VDI instructions.

  2. Log into Aalto VDI by using either the client or the HTML access at

  3. Select “Ubuntu 20.04”

After this, you have access to your Ubuntu desktop and can follow the instructions here to start VS Code.

You can use Firefox or Chrome on the virtual desktop to log into A+, fetch the assignment packages, and submit your solutions.